You Have A Stake In Our Success We’re working to clean and heal your world, and going about the world doing good, at no charge, just as Jesus did.  That ain’t cheap.  Give us a hand, will you?  Your descendants will benefit from what we do, so you have a stake in this, too.  We’re putting our shoulders to the wheel; don’t leave us to do it alone. First, you can support us by buying our solar power products at our commercial division, Sun Direct Power.  We can provide insurance against power outages, and get you off the grid, in better quality, and for lower price, than anyone else.  We’re not motivated by greed, but by the desire to have as good a world to live in as our great-grandparents did.  That’s why we do what we do.  All profits from Sun Direct Power go toward the Freedom Fleet. Second, you can and should donate.  A healthy planet isn’t going to come easy or cheap.  We’ll do the hard part, but we need your help to handle the expensive part.  We’re Americans; we know how to work, and we do it with a will.  We’ll put in our labor, but to be frank, most of us are poor.  Will you put in some money, please?  We’ll get to the point where we no longer need help, but we need money to get there.  Help? Thirdly, will you sponsor a Terraformer?  By simply making a donation or even establishing a fund, you can decide who it  goes to, or have us decide.  In any event, helping someone toward completing their term of service helps us all succeed, and gets your descendants a cleaner, healthier planet.  The projects we currently have on the fire, so to speak, are Cleaning the Oceans, Oxygenating the Black Sea, Oxygenating the Baltic Sea, and Watering the Sahara.  If there’s a project you prefer, talk to us.  We’re willing to take on the projects that our supporters care about.  How about Slave Extraction and Resettlement?  There are more actual slaves in the world today than at any time in history.  Starting small, they can be rescued and resettled.  It can be done.  You have the power to help make it happen.  We have the willingness to do the job.  Will you partner with us? The world is in crisis, and not just economic crisis.  The old ways of doing things are being shown, daily, to be inadequate to deal with the level of growth humanity has experienced, and not just growth in numbers.  Humanity’s like a twelve-year-old who finds that the tantrums he threw at six, which worked then, no longer work, and wondering how to deal with his new reality.  We understand, and we know that it’s time to deal with our world as if it really mattered. After all, it’s the only one we’ve got. Give us a hand? The Sea Lions Foundation The Gold Standard of Freedom Reach Us At Our Commercial Division, Sun Direct Power 918/612-4090 Top O’ Page