Holy Spirit Ministry “Not by might, not by power, but by my Spirit, says Yahweh.” Everything we do is about putting you face to face with the people who need your ministry.  Just because you’re in a Fleet with a certain purpose doesn’t mean you don’t have a specific ministry to perform.  If you’re, say, a Prophet, and in the Resettlement Fleet, your day to day job might be, oh, as a nurse in the hospital healing the former slaves of the damage done by their former owners.  As you do that, the Spirit will give you prophecies for certain ones. Delivering those prophecies is your purpose, not nursing. Just because the nursing takes more time, doesn’t mean it’s your main job. Every Christian has a ministry available to them.  Most never lay hold of it.  Sea Lions do, and they do it with a will, and they work it into the daily functions they perform as Fleet trainiees, staff, and leaders. While you’re at the Freedom Fleet, you’ll be given opportunities to learn, develop, and practice your ministry.  We don’t hog center stage.  Not only do we let you minister, we insist that you do, even if you’re just beginning.  There’s no way to learn except by doing, and the Scriptures bear this out. Heb 5:14  However, solid food is for mature people, whose minds are trained by practice to know the difference between good and evil. That verse tells us plainly that it takes practice, as in “activities and habits,” to be a mature person and tell the difference between good and evil.  In short, you learn by doing, not by reading.  Reading the Scriptures tells you what to do; doing it teaches you the difference between good and evil. The verse before it tells us there’s no meat in the Scriptures, only milk.  Jesus himself said, “My meat is to do the work of Him who sent me.”  The meat is the doing, not the reading. Want to grow emotionally and spiritually?  Find out what ministry the Holy Spirit has for you, and start doing it.  If you come to the Freedom Fleet and enroll in Sea Lions training, we’ll help, and Jesus Himself guarantees success: Seek and ye shall find. You don’t have to wait until you come to the Freedom Fleet, either.  We’ll give you as much support as we can over Skype during the ramp-up to the day you come to the Fleet.  Long-distance coaching is sometimes less effective than in-person, but we still won’t say, “Wait.”  That’s just not our way.  In every area in which there’s not a good reason to wait, our attitude is, “Get on it, get it done, make it happen.” You can do it.  We can help.  Join today. The Sea Lions Foundation The Gold Standard of Freedom Reach Us At Our Commercial Division, Sun Direct Power 918/612-4090 www.Sun-Direct.net Top O’ Page