The Lion’s Path We take our name from the Lion of Judah, Yeshua Ha’Mashiach, our Savior.  He walked a very...interesting road.  He’s calling us, and you, to do no less.  Fortunately, His “yoke is easy, and [His] burden is light.” We like easy yokes and light burdens, don’t you? Yeshua told Nicodemus, “Unless you are born of water and the Spirit, you cannot see the Kingdom of Yahweh.”  He said later, “You hear the wind blowing, but you don’t know where it’s coming from, or where it’s going.  That’s how it is with those born of the Spirit.” He’s talking about moving about the world, in plain English.  Well, plain Aramaic, anyway. A Sea Lion starts out as a Sea Lions Candidate, simply by clicking the “Join” button and punching in some info. Then, s/he starts or joins a local chapter.  This chapter sets meetings at which to help each other deepend their Walk with Yeshua.  These aren’t church services, there are churches for that, they’re an opportunity to talk about the Divine Appointments you had that week, and tell what you learned.  When you’re actively seeking the Lord’s leading day to day, you need people to call, people to talk to, people who are going through similar things, people whose prayers get answered and know that when they pray according to His Will, they have what they prayed for.  You need support like that when you’re an active Christian. Another thing each chapter does is raise funds in the Sea Lions’ name to start a hydroponic farm.  This gives you training and experience growing some of the best food in the world, and profit from selling the food, and someone else paid for it.  Other people’s money is the best kind. Your Sea Lions chapter will also start a for-profit company to sell the food from the hydroponic farm.  The farm belongs to the Sea Lion Foundation, because it was started and run with donations your chapter solicited, so it would seem that you can’t legally profit from it, right?  Nope.  The Sea Lions will sell the food from the hydroponic farm to your chapter’s for-profit company at 60% of wholesale.  Your chapter’s company may then sell the food at the best price available, and pay you profit-sharing out of that.  Our goals in having you start the farm are to train you in hydroponics, provide you a food-source should the economy collapse, raise money for the Sea Lions’ work, and educate you in running a business, and all four of those are met with this plan. Then, after we’ve established it, you’ll come to visit the Freedom Fleet, or come full time.  Your work at the Freedom Fleet will earn you a LifeYacht of their own.  To be a Sea Lion, you must earn the Manta Ray, because only it has the facilities you’ll need.  We may change that requirement, and allow the smaller LIfeYachts to be used, but today, that’s the expectation.  However, Candidates who complete all the training missions are launched in less time than is required for all other would-be NeoVikings.  Candidates may choose the fleets in which they take training, subject to mission requirements, seniority, and berth availability, except for the Hot Zone Extraction, Slave Extraction, and Resettlement Fleets.  They do not take trainees.  After three training missions and some time spent in shipbuilding, a Candidate is Launched and invited to join the Sea Lions. You do not have to accept that invitation.  At that point, you’ll own your own LifeYacht, and may do as you wish.  It is for freedom that Christ set us free. Upon accepting their Invitation, Candidates are ordained as Sea Lions, and choose three missions to go on as Staff Members.  They’ll be supervising any Candidates who are along on a training mission, and working on the project set by the mission leaders for that mission. There are breaks between missions, of course, and time to prepare for the next one, etc.  Remember, while on any mission, training or live, you normally have your family with you, and are schooling the kids, having family life.  By the time you complete your training missions, you’ll have been around the world, and so will your family. Next come three missions in leadership.  That might be leadership of an entire flotilla; we don’t hold you back. By this time, you will have done amazing things, and be able to hold your head up in any company in the world.  You’ll have been around the world more than once.  You’ll have ministered the Gospel in foreign languages, fed the hungry, taught the ignorant, and, like as not, fought gallantly, tended wounded, comforted the dying, and buried friends who died bravely.  Yahweh wants His                That’s not really us.  We meet on Skype, for now.            children to be kings and priests, and the road to that goal is an                                                                                 eventful journey. Once you’ve completed three missions as a Leader, we Release you.  You’re free to go where you believe God’s telling you, all day, every day. Release means: You receive a share in the profits from our industries, so long as you’re a Sea Lion, including retirement. You go where you believe the Holy Spirit is leading you, with others or alone. You agree to keep our secrets, such as they may be.  No one’s asking you to resist torture, this is about discretion. You agree to leave any country placed under the Ban by the High Council.  The Ban will only be implemented for persecution of the Body of Christ. You agree not to abandon your LifeYacht.  If Yahweh tells you to leave your ship and go inland on some mission, you’ll contact us to have someone come get it, and we’ll hold it for you. You agree to participate in High Council three years out of every five.  That gives you up to six years in a row of absence on a long mission.  In any event, we believe you need a break now and then.  Yeshua took frequent breaks, and He’s our pattern. When you die, we’ll honor your wishes regarding burial, notify your kin, turn over your LifeYacht to your heirs, etc. The Sea Lions Foundation The Gold Standard of Freedom Reach Us At Our Commercial Division, Sun Direct Power 918/612-4090 Top O’ Page