The Sea Lions Foundation The Gold Standard of Freedom Reach Us At Our Commercial Division, Sun Direct Power 918/612-4090 Top O’ Page Who We Are The Sea Lions Foundation was founded by Joshua Daniels.  Mr. Joshua has healed the sick and injured, taught people to hear the Voice of the Lord, delivered Words of Knowledge which were confirmed accurate and Prophecies which came true, and owns nine dogs and an unknown number of cats.  It ain’t braggin’ if it’s true, and if you’re looking into the Sea Lions, you need to know that you’re not dealing with people who are all hat, no cattle. Mr. Joshua was filled with the Spirit in 1994, and immediately was taken by the Holy Spirit into training, and led through several years’ adventures to living on a boat in San Diego Harbor, where he discovered concrete ships.  While researching what changes he’d need to make to his boat to make it the world cruiser he wanted for missions, he realized it would be easier and cheaper to start from scratch.  He also discovered how amazingly cheaply and simply a very effective concrete boat is manufactured, and the results of that work are what you see at the Freedom Fleet HIs experiences at various churches pointed up to him the importance of doing things the way Yeshua and the apostles said, and the Sea Lions’ policies of personal freedom with integrity and morality, forgiveness and restoration, and loose, flexible, voluntary structure came about. His experience as a Consulting Business Analyst to major corporations for over a decade taught him how organizations work, and what their limits are, and the restricted role of the Sea Lions’ Council came into being. He dabbles in music, playing banjo and guitar occasionally, and prefers fountain pens to rollerball. The other Board Members are Pastor Gordon Roberts, of San Jose, California, and Pastor Ignacio Pajarillo, of Vallejo, California. Be alert, listen to the Spirit, and keep your helm steady.  This won’t be easy, but it will be the best thing you’ve ever done. THE SEA LIONS FOUNDATION 6730 W. Archer St. Tulsa, OK 74127 918/612-4090 Email