The Sea Lions Foundation The Gold Standard of Freedom Reach Us At Our Commercial Division, Sun Direct Power 918/612-4090 Top O’ Page The 12 Fleets The Sea Lions operate in 12 Fleets.  Each Fleet focuses on a purpose, though a Fleet doesn’t necessarily travel together all at once.  The Fleet Admiral might direct various specific missions to be undertaken in different locales, or other reasons might come up for dispersed operations.  What unites a Fleet is its underlying purpose, no matter how many flotillas it may have scattered around the world. Qualifications for membership in a given fleet are set by the Sea LIons Council with input from the Fleet Admiral.  For example, because the Family Fleet adopts and raises orphans, one must be married to be a Member of the Family Fleet.  That may change at some point, but it’s a good example.  We’ll provide all the training you need; you just need to be willing to do the work. The Hot Zone Extraction, Slave Extraction, and Resettlement Fleets do not accept trainees.  To join one of their missions, one must be an ordained Sea Lion. The 12 Fleets are: 1. Freedom Fleet -- The main financial income producer, and the sole LifeYacht producer for the Sea Lions and the Terraformers.  All NeoVikings start here, building LifeYachts and learning to maintain all their systems. 2. Terraformers -- Cleans the oceans, waters the deserts, and more. 3. Medical Fleet -- Performs medical and dental missions throughout the world. 4. Front Line Fleet --  Carries out evangelism, including Hot Zone evangelism (places where it’s dangerous or illegal to preach the Gospel, like Saudi Arabia). 5. Archive Fleet -- Gathers knowledge and prints it on polymer papers with special ink to produce disaster- and time-resistant books.  CDs and DVDs will become useless as technology dwindles or nuclear war breaks out, leaving the world ignorant of even the basics. 6. Granger Fleet -- Feeds people, and teaches them how to set up and run their own hyrdoponic gardens, for optimum nutrition and health. 7. Power Fleet -- Builds and provides all kinds of power plants in poorly-serviced areas around the world, from water wheels to hydro plants. 8. Infrastructure Fleet -- Prepares for the reign of the Beast, when Christians worldwide can not buy or sell in the secular marketplace, yet will need trade and transport. 9. Extraction Fleet -- Extracts Christians from areas where persecution is taking place, including Sea Lions from the Front Line Fleet who get detained. 10. Slave Extraction Fleet.  This is a far more complicated problem than Hot Zone extraction.  There is a great deal of undercover work to be done before an extraction.  For this and other reasons, the Slave Extraction Fleet does not take trainees, only ordained Sea Lions. 11. Resettlement Fleet.  Extracted Christians and the slaves extracted by the 9th Fleet need special care, and resettlement in a safer place than the one they came from. The treatment and diplomatic negotiations with the countries in which they might be resettled require special skills. 12. Research Fleet.  Much research being done is being skewed to produce the conclusions wanted by the people paying for the research.  Much research is being repressed or violently prevented.  The Research Fleet, free from interference, will complete those vital projects and produce the knowledge to which humanity has a right. Once you join a Fleet, you’re not stuck.  We do ask that you complete the mission you’re on before transferring, and we do ask that you take your three training missions in different fleets.  Of course, you’ll bring your family.  That’s why we designed our LifeYachts with slides and diving boards.