The Sea Lions Foundation The Gold Standard of Freedom Reach Us At Our Commercial Division, Sun Direct Power 918/612-4090 Top O’ Page THE Sea Lions Foundation is first and foremost a private Christian action organization. Deeds, not words, are our hallmark and the legacy we’ll leave the world when we go to bow before our King. We follow the commands of Yeshua, and are sometimes known as “red letter Christians.”  Some Bibles have the words of Yeshua printed in red ink; hence the name.  We also do the things we know God wants, but are not specifically commanded, because we’re responsible grown-ups who take care of What The Boss Cares About.  That includes environmental causes, freeing slaves, preparing for the Tribulation, sending Christians out in the Great Commission, taking orphans into families, feeding the hungry...there’s a lot that’s screwed up, which God wants fixed.  The list of projects we could undertake is endless, and until He returns, we will undertake them. Whether we succeed or fail, we pray for healing, deliverance from demons, raising of the dead, and we help the poor, free slaves, all the works Yeshua commanded and James clarified as meaning, “taking real action.” Our 12 Fleets, including the Terraformers, undertake activities commanded or exhorted in various places by the Scriptures.  God wants captives free, the planet cared for, the poor fed, etc., and everything we do as an organization, even when we’re involving non-Christians, are the activities of the righteous, the Holy, and the good.  Any church which doesn’t do righteous, Holy, and good things is merely holding meetings. We believe in Yahweh, the only true God, the almighty Creator of all things, existing eternally in at least three persons– Father, Son, and Holy Spirit–full of love and glory.  We believe in Jesus Christ, to whom we often refer by his name, Yeshua Ha’Mashiach, fully human and fully divine, who lived as a perfect example, who assumed the judgment due sinners by dying in our place, and who was bodily raised from the dead and ascended as Savior and Lord in fulfillment of the words of the Old Testament prophets. Christ is the Old Testament’s mysteries and types revealed openly. We believe in Yeshua as the Word of Yahweh made flesh. He is the only begotten Son of the Father (one begotten Son, many created sons). He is the visible image of the invisible Father. Yeshuah Ha’Mashiach is the radiance of the Father’s glory and the exact representation of the Father’s nature. When Yeshuah Ha’Mashiach is seen, the Father is seen. Yeshuah Ha’Mashiach shows us the perfect expression of the Father’s will. We believe in justification by Yahweh’s grace to all who hear and believe the Gospel by repenting and putting their faith in Yeshuah Ha’Mashiach for salvation and do works with that faith. Salvation is not dependent upon anything on this earth. No human relationship, church membership, the approval of ecclesiastical authority figures or religious works justify the believer. Faith in Yeshuah alone makes the believer completely righteous before Yahweh.  Without contradicting the foregoing, the absence of works is proof positive of the absence of faith.  Yeshuah Himself said, “These signs shall accompany those who believe: they shall heal the sick, cast out demons, and raise the dead in my name.”  He did not say, “may accompany,” He said, “shall accompany.”  “Accompany” does not mean that a given person has superpowers and can do tricks at will, it means that if one were to examine their life, one would find repeated instances of healing, or demonic deliverance, or raising the dead, in any combination and separation in time. We believe in the indwelling presence and transforming power of the Holy Spirit, who gives to all believers a new life, an eternal destiny, gifts and a new calling to obedient service. We believe in the gifts and functions of the Spirit of Yeshuah through believers making Yeshuah the true pattern of ministry for all who follow Him.  We believe in the universal call of all humanity to Yahweh through the Gospel of Yeshuah Ha’Mashiach, which some obey, and others ignore or refuse. We believe in the value, equality and dignity of all people, races and ethnic groups: born in Adam’s image but with the opportunity to become re-made in Yahweh’s image to live in love and holiness in Yeshua Ha’Mashiach.  Until they undertake that life through re-birth in water and the Spirit, they are alienated from Yahweh and each other because of sin and guilt. We believe in the equality of all believers in Yeshuah Ha’Mashiach, evidenced by their mutual submission to each other, leaders included, under the Lordship and guidance of Yeshuah Ha’Mashiach through the Holy Spirit.  “Mutual submission” doesn’t mean that anyone can issue orders, it means that anyone can and should admonish or, if necessary, rebuke anyone for error or sin in accordance with the Scriptures, including those in leadership.  The one admonishing or rebuking is NOT guilty of rebellion, failing to submit to authority, or any other such nonsence.  They are performing their holy duty to keep the Body of Christ without blemish. We believe in the unity of all believers in Yeshuah Ha’Mashiach manifested in people who’ve been born of the Spirit roaming the world under the Holy Spirit’s leadership, making disciples throughout the world, who also become born of the Spirit and take up the same form of ministry. We believe in the restoration of the Church into a New Testament pattern by emphasizing small- group meetings and community rather than building programs, weekly religious services, top- down, clergy- dominated authority, and other ideas which contradict Yeshuah’s specific instructions. These Dark Age patterns were first evidenced by the Medieval Roman Catholics, later by the early Protestants and are modeled by many Christian groups today without knowledge that Yeshuah Himself commanded specific things to which these practices are directly opposed. We believe in the equipping of ordinary believers to do the work of Yeshuah-like ministry through preaching of the Gospel, teaching the Word of God, manifestation of the gifts of the Spirit, and equipping people with self-sustaining floating homes with which to live out the nomadic lifestyle Yeshuah declared would be the definite, visible result of being born of the Holy Spirit.  We promote this technology because physical tools have been used throughout Christian history, from the chariot on which Philip taught the eunuch to the Conestoga wagons the Christian missionaries used to spread the Word across the American wilderness and the airplanes used today to reach primitive tribes far from civilization.  The difference is, instead of providing occasional transport with a plane and a pilot, we want to provide all our people planes and teach them to fly, so to speak. We believe in the victorious reign and future personal return of Yeshuah Ha’Mashiach, who will judge all people with justice and mercy, destroying the wicked but receiving the redeemed and the righteous into eternal life. As missionaries to the world, when we make a convert, we invite them to pack up their family and become a minister of the Gospel, just as Yeshua did His disciples.  We provide the physical needs, including food, housing, and transport for those we’re discipling, just as Jesus did.  Eventually, our wanderings will bring us back to the Freedom Fleet, where our new Christians will earn their own LifeYacht and go out on their own fulfillment of the Great Commission.  As Christians who have freely received and freely give, we do not attempt to get money or other physical assistance from local churches, but rather to bring them gifts and assistance from our own work or other churches’ giving.  We support ourselves.  Our LifeYachts go a long way toward making us self-supporting, and international trade and local work will provide such cash as we need. Whatever our spiritual gifts, we see those as our main purpose as Christians.  In each of our small ways, we minister the Gospel by exercising our spiritual gifts on behalf of others.  Only some are anointed to be preachers, for example, but they need the rest of us for support to make an impact on a community.  Thus, we normally travel in groups of varying sizes, that all the gifts of the Spirit may be present and in use while the Gospel is being preached.  It’s also easier, as a group, to take the converts in, house and transport and teach them, and prepare them for their own ministry. Because we’re born of the Spirit, we, as Yeshua described, are in more-or-less constant motion.  He said, “You hear the wind blow, but you don’t know where it comes from, or where it’s going.  That’s how it is with those born of the Spirit.”  That’s not figurative language: He’s talking about physically moving about the world.  Wind doesn’t limit itself to one city or even one nation.  Today’s wind in Kansas was last month’s wind in Kamchatka.  Christians who take Yeshua’s Word seriously don’t stay put.  Christians who don’t take Yeshua’s Word seriously don’t become Sea Lions. We are sexually moral, engaging in relations only with our spouses (of the opposite sex, thank you), and protecting our youngsters from depredation.  Those among us who fail in keeping this trust are treated as if emotionally injured, but are still required to choose righteousness while we offer support and healing.  We offer a second chance for those who fall into immorality.  We do not offer a third.  Such are not admitted to our meetings, missions, or fellowship, until they’ve established a verifiable reputation and history as a sexually moral person. Because we are Gentile Christians, we are under none of the Law of Moses except: • Do not eat meat offered to idols, whatever that may mean today • Abstain from sexual immorality • Do not eat the meat of strangled animals (meat with the blood still in it) That means that Sabbath, circumcision, ritualistic requirements such as hats or other clothing, etc., have no authority over us. Clear enough? THE Sea Lions Creed